Presenting with Prezi

One component of ENG 7280 at BGSU is a technology demonstration, where pairs of students teach classmates how to use a new digital tool. I won’t lie, by the time I got around to signing up for my demonstration, most of the “cool” demo options were taken (Second Life, GarageBand, InDesign…). When my instructor suggested Prezi, I hesitantly agreed, dreading actually having to learn how to use it. Prezi and I have a long history that is best summed up by this rage face:



I tried to learn Prezi during my undergraduate days. I was in a seminar for the twenty or so consultants at Eastern Kentucky University’s new Noel Center for Academic Creativity. As the Studio aims to assist EKU students with a variety of digital/technological tools, consultants were required to learn these tools. I got through the 90-minute seminar, and thought I understood the basics, but later realized I was just mimicking clicks instead of actually learning. Then, I attempted to learn Prezi with my students as I taught FYC at Ohio University. But I watched my student’s presentations, admired them, but was never brave enough to try and make my own Prezi (and let’s face it I was WAY too busy grading papers to let Prezi become a priority). I can say, though, that ENG 7280 successfully forced me to learn Prezi once and for all.

I spent some time watching Prezi instructional videos and tutorials, and found that Prezi now has super awesome templates to use, as well as a new streamlined interface. Why was I so hesitant before? Fear. Simply, fear. For the first time, I realized that while I chide others for being afraid of new technological spaces, I was too afraid to tackle Prezi. Once I took away the mental block, Prezi became fun to explore. My colleague and I attempted to convey this excitement during our demo, and I was thrilled to hear classmates uttering phrases like, “this was easier than I thought!” I’ve included a link to the tutorial presentation below, it is reusable and a fun space to play around in. Feel free to steal it! 

Prezi Demo



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